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Easter Raffle 2023 – Support for Ukraine

Our Easter Raffle in 2023 will have all proceeds going to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund as the support for refugees continues to grow. See this link for more information

There continues to be a strong and immediate need to support Ukrainians due to the on-going crisis in their war torn nation. As the situation in Ukraine evolves the need for support continues to grow such as providing clothing, shelter, food and medical supplies.

Knights of Columbus Council 10631 will again hold an Easter Raffle with all proceeds going to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund. As last year we have made available to Parishioners the ability to donate directly to the fund via the website or giving our Council a cheque/money where we can then donate the funds on your behalf. A tax receipt will be provided for donations only so please ensure address is included with your donation.

The Easter Raffle draw will take place on Saturday, April 22 nd in St. Joseph’s Parish Hall at a Potluck dinner. More information on the dinner to follow.

There are currently several high valued prizes in the raffle with more prizes being added every week such as baked goods, gift cards, and a wide array of household items. See the list of prizes by clicking here for the updated list.

Raffle (ticket) Numbers are available at 1 for $5 or 3 for $10. To purchase ticket numbers simply provide your name and phone # or email address along with the number of ticket numbers you wish to purchase by using to the Knights of Columbus email OR contacting one of the following:

Payment for tickets can be made by one of the following methods:

  • E-transfer to coleri1955@icloud.com
  • Money or cheque made out to Knights of Columbus Council 10631. Please use a blank envelope with your payment. Simply write your name, phone # and number of raffle ticket numbers or your willingness to donate the funds to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund on the envelope. Please do not use your church envelope when dropping off at the church collection basket or office.

Please consider supporting this effort by: donating a prize, purchasing Easter Raffle number(s) or making a donation directly to the Ukraine Solidarity Fund.

Our 2023 Calendar is completely sold out!
Thank you so much for your continuing support of all that we do!



FUN FAMILY BINGO went great!

February 26th 2023

On the weekend of December 17-18 cash and small gifts were collected:

Individuals at Community Living Guelph Wellington will receive the above either donated or purchased with money donated.
Thank you to all who generously donated!


RTL donation

Giving is what we do